Valentín Carballo

(Yovanny Valentín García Carballo; S/C de la Palma)

He is the youngest of two siblings, with Italian-French ancestry on the part of mother and Latina by the father. From an early age he showed interest in the world of clothing, designing and making clothes for the dolls of her sister and cousins, demonstrating a great talent.


At the age of 23 years he decided to study pattern and fashion after finishing telecommunications, since his dream had always been linked to the world of fashion.


While attending the higher studies of patronage and fashion, he debuted his first fashion show at Barakaldo Fashion Week, and presented himself to the Gueñes paper dress parade.


After finishing his studies, thanks to his skills, he was selected to go to Bologna (Italy), to the company BVM, to expand his knowledge in the firms Les Copains and Gimbattista Valli, where he would learn about haute couture and discover his passion for World of fashion. 


On his return to Spain, he decided to continue training and began studying textile and leather confections and arrangements, combined with the haute couture studies in the school of the teacher Javier Barroeta, opening a door to him to have the level and the necessary knowledge to appear to diverse Projects such as the Getxo Moda fashion show, where he was a finalist and the Crearte fashion show in Granada, where he was the winner.


To continue with his studies and have a more complete training, he will be part of the "Cesine" University of Santander studying Fashion Design.